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Cabana for Figma – Changelog

Dec 3rd 2020

– Skipped to Version Number 4 (missed out 2 & 3) so it’s in sync with the Sketch version numbering. Saves on confusion in the future 🙂
– Updated: Setup + Configuration page renamed to Design Tokens
– Updated: Inter Font Family in /Fonts folder to latest Stable version. Also added the Hinted Variants for Windows users
– Updated: Components have been categorised better in the Assets panel
– Updated: Main Components page has been organised better with Parent Frame categories
– Added: Custom Thumbnail on Preview page
– Added: Emojis to Page Names
– Added: More Color Styles Tints, and Shades to add much more versatility
– Added: New Text Style ‘Colossus’ for that super-sized text, perfect for Desktop headers
– Updated: Color Style naming. Easier to reference, and more in line with the Material Design naming conventions
– Updated: Grey Shades have slightly different HEX values than previously, to accommodate the extra shades added
– Added: 12 new Brand Colors (Airbnb, Amazon, Kickstarter, Lyft, Netflix, Patreon, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitch, and Uber)
– Added: 12 new Gradients (Vanusa, Ocean View, Sandy Bleue, Quepal, Sublime Light, Lawrencium, Happy People, Delicate, Orange Fun, Purpink, Dull Days, and Scooter)
– Updated: Made some small visual changes to Card (Style #18 and #19)
– Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Components
– Added: Placeholder / Image / Corner Icon
– Added: Placeholder / Carousel / Corner Icon
– Added: Placeholder / Image / Corner Icon Small
– Added: Placeholder / Carousel / Corner Icon Small
– Updated: Placeholder Components now set as Variants
– Updated: Avatar Components now set as Variants
– Updated: Information panels have now been added to each page, with more detailed instructions on the various sections
– Added: Text Link Components & Variants
– Added: 39 Brand Icon Components (Amazon, Amazon Pay, Airbnb, App Store, Angular, Apple Pay, Audible, AWS, Bandcamp, Bitbucket, Bitcoin, CodePen, Creative Commons, Figma, Foursquare, GitLab, Google, Google Drive, Google Play, Intercom, iTunes, Kickstarter, Lyft, Microsoft, Patreon, Periscope, Quora, React, Reddit, Sketch, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Stripe, Swift, Tripadvisor, Twitch, Vue, Windows, and Uber)
– Updated: ‘Meetup’ Brand Icon Symbol to most recent branding
– Added: 17 New Card Components (Cards #20 – #36). With a better selection of Cards for Mobile use now
– Added: Star Rating Component & Variants
– Added: Heart Rating Component & Variants
– Added: Icon / Forward Slash
– Added: Content Block Components & Variants
– Added: Testimonial Components & Variants
– Added: Chat Components & Variants
– Updated: Overlay Opacity Components now have the Color and Opacity set at root level
– Updated: Avatar image changed
– Updated: Added States to Button Components so they work perfectly with Variants
– Updated: Added States to Fields & Inputs Components so they work perfectly with Variants
– Added: Accordion Component
– Reorganised a few Text Styles in the Inspector Panel. Some were in some very strange places!
– Added: Data Table / Cell / Caption Component
– Updated: Renamed Components page to Pre-Styled Components
– Updated: All new images for Pre-Styled Components & ‘Built with Cabana’ design examples
– Added: Branding Components
– Added: Dropdown Menu Components & Variants
– Added: Navigation / Breadcrumb Bar Component
– Added: Navigation / Menu (Horizontal & Vertical) Components
– Updated: Dropdown Menu Components now located in /Navigation for easier reference
– Updated: Tab Bar & Tab Navigation Components now located in /Navigation for easier reference
– Updated: Tooltip Components now have Auto Layout applied. Yay! Oh and Variants too!
– Updated: Layer Names on many Components changed to ‘Label’
– Updated: Button Group Components now set as Variants
– Added: Stretch Top & Bottom to Button Group Nested Components
– Updated: Slight colour, and typography tweaks to Data Tables Components
– Updated: Data Table Components now set as Variants
– Fixed: Alignment issues on resizing for Drop Area / Default Component
– Added: Pagination Buttons Components (Long & Short)
– Added: Pagination Numbers Components (Long & Short)
– Added: Pagination Indicators Components (Large & Small)
– Added: Extra Large Button Component (Primary & Secondary)
– Added: Dropdown Menu / Double Icon + Double Text Component
– Added: Navigation / Pill Bar Component
– Updated: Made some slight design tweaks, and renaming of the Pagination / Buttons, Pagination / Numbers, and Pagination / Dots Components
– Updated: Removed Background Colours from certain Layers and simply applied the Colour to the Frame
– Updated: Rounded the corners, and added some drop shadow to the main Frames just to make everything look… well… nicer 🙂
– Updated: Many Components (Cards, Modals etc…) have been heavily modified to take full advantage of Auto Layout 3, and offer more versatility
– Updated: Changed Layer Names on all Components from Description to Content
– Added: 8 new Mobile examples on the ‘Built with Cabana’ page
– Added: 11 Desktop examples on the ‘Built with Cabana’ page
– Removed: Desktop Homepage design, and Desktop Dashboard design on ‘Built with Cabana’ page because, well, they just looked c**p
– Removed: Travel App #1, and Travel App #2 (Dark) designs from ‘Built with Cabana’ page because, well, please reference the bullet point above 🙂
– Updated: New Cover Artwork for Cabana User Guide (PDF & EPUB)
– Updated: New content, and images added to Cabana User Guide
– Updated: New video, and audio added to Tutorial Videos

Aug 27th 2020

– Added ‘Built with Cabana’ page to Premium Edition
– Removed Oxygen Font from /Fonts folder as not required as it’s built into Figma

Jul 29th 2020

– Updated User Guide, and Figma File to reflect Figma’s change of wording from ‘Master’ to ‘Main’ on Components
– Updated screenshots in User Guide to reflect changes made to Figma in latest update

Apr 26th 2020

– Added: Modal/Image + Double Button
– Added: Modal/Standard + Image
– Added: Card (Style #18)
– Added: Card (Style #19)
– Updated: Components Library to reflect new Modal & Card additions
– Various small fixes. Nothing too earth-shattering 😉

Apr 13th 2020

– Tweaked the Color Styles names slightly. Simply removed the ‘Fill’ prefix from the naming as it was not needed.

Mar 29th 2020

– Initial Release

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